Bot that uses bioinformatics to make ‘beautiful’ medical and beauty robots

Health and beauty robot manufacturers are aiming to make the first truly wearable medical and cosmetic robot within five years.

The latest in a series of announcements from the company, BioInformatica, which has raised over €3.2 million from investors including the UK’s Cavendish Group, revealed its latest model of the bioinformatic device, the Bot, which can perform a variety of different tasks.

“Bioinformaci’s Bio-Robot™ is the first bioinstrument to be designed and developed for a healthcare application that will be able to deliver high-quality care to the patients of the future,” said BioInFormatica CEO, Martin Brouwer.

“It will be a game changer for medical and cosmetics professionals to be able access and access in a safe and secure way what they are currently unable to do with their hands.”

Brouwer also explained that the BioInFORMatica Bot will allow surgeons, anaesthetists and healthcare workers to operate in more realistic and efficient settings, using a bioinstructor that can perform tasks such as scanning patients’ skin, applying a topical cream or administering medications.

“As we grow, we will see a significant change in the way people and their bodies interact with technology and this will require new solutions that we believe will enhance the human experience,” said Brouwers chief technology officer, Christian Büttner.

BioInFormaci CEO Martin Boudwer and company CEO Christian Brouewer during a press event in Brussels, Belgium, March 31, 2019.

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