Beauty doctors in Milan and Milan for the blind are ‘in a war’

Beauty doctors are “in a battle” to provide medical treatment to people who have been blind since birth and to prevent blindness in general, a group of medical experts say.

The doctors’ association, the Beauty Medical Workers Union, said the fight for access to cosmetic treatments for the “hundreds of thousands” of people with congenital blindness in the world was “the biggest challenge facing the profession today”.

The union, which is based in Milan, has called for a “revolution in medicine”, but said it has a duty to protect the lives of blind people and their families.

It said the battle for access had been waged since at least 2014, and it is a “war of attrition” as people struggle to find the resources to pay for the services.

The group has published a detailed report on its website detailing the medical needs of the blind and their treatment.

It says many of the services available are of little use, particularly for people with severe visual impairment.

It also says there are insufficient beds in the hospitals, and many people who need help with their blindness are left “at the mercy of the situation” for whom there is no medical provider.

“This situation has not improved since the first time I was born, and this has been a long time,” said one of the doctors involved.

“The most important thing is to find out how to provide better quality care, to provide it in a safe and dignified manner.”‘

Not easy to find’Dr López Sánchez said the “huge challenges” faced by doctors who treat blind people were “unrealistic”.

“We have to find our way through this, and that’s a difficult task, but also, in a way, is our job,” he said.

“We are very good at what we do and that is why we’re in a war of attrition.”

It’s not easy to get access to the services we need.””

The problem of blindness is one that affects millions of people around the world and it’s an epidemic,” said Sánchetz, adding that a number of countries had recently announced new laws to tackle the issue.”

There is a need for more investment in research and development, and more research in treatment and rehabilitation for people who are blind and people who suffer from blindness,” he added.

The Italian-based Beauty Medical Worker Union has been organising an international conference called “The First Year of Beauty” for its members and their medical colleagues in 2017.

The first day of the conference was attended by more than 40 doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, massage therapists and plastic surgeons from around the globe.”

A lot of these doctors and nurses are not aware of the conditions that blind people are facing and the difficulties that blind and visually impaired people are in,” said Dr Sánchelz, who is also the president of the union.”

I’m here to inform and explain how we work, how we care for our members and the medical profession.”‘

We are working together’The conference’s agenda includes discussions on a number the union has long lobbied for.

The union wants a “new era of global beauty”, and a “better future for the people of Europe”.”

This conference aims to unite all our members, our colleagues and colleagues in Italy and across the globe, and to share information about the needs of blind and blind-blind patients, the needs for medical care and the work of the Beauty Physicians Association,” it said.

Dr Sánchellóz also urged his fellow doctors to be “open-minded” and “help us to better understand our blind patients”.”

I think that we are working with each other,” he told the conference.”

To be honest, we are not in a battle, we have not lost this battle, but we are trying to win this battle.

“For us, the main problem is that we’re working together.”

The conference will include presentations by a variety of international leaders including former US President Barack Obama, the Pope, Pope Francis, Pope Benedict and US President Donald Trump.

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