Which medical device is most popular with beauty products?

The UK Medical Device Beauty Association has revealed which products are most popular in its annual survey.

It also released its 2016 Beauty Products Index which has been tracking beauty products across the world since 2013.

The Beauty Products index is designed to show the popularity of beauty products in different countries and regions.

“In recent years, beauty products have been gaining popularity in the United Kingdom.

We are pleased to see a surge in interest in beauty products, with the overall beauty products market growing by around 40% in the UK,” said Mark Stacey, president of the UK Medical Devices Beauty Association.

There were around 50 products in the Beauty Products category, which includes face and body care, beauty and personal care, personal care and cosmetics, and skin care.

One of the top five beauty products was the Aveda Skin Care, which has now been in the top 10 for a year.

In second place was the L’Oreal Beauty Skin Care , which rose from the bottom five to take the No. 2 spot.

But it was the Nivea Creme de Creme that led the way, rising from fifth to take a second spot.

Nivea is a health and beauty brand based in London, which is one of the biggest health care companies in the world.

Niveas skin care products are available in more than 200 countries around the world, including Britain.

According to the Beauty products Index, Niveas products were in the third place among beauty products from the United States, ahead of the US and Germany.

The Beauty products index was conducted in June and July and the survey was carried out by online retailer Bazaar.

 Bazaar is owned by American cosmetics giant, Johnson & Johnson, which employs about 4,000 people across Britain.

“We welcome this strong increase in popularity for beauty products and hope it continues to drive more of the beauty products category to the top of the Beauty Product Index rankings, which we know will be a significant driver of the industry in the coming years,” said Liza L. Baker, chief executive officer of the British Beauty Products Association.

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