‘It was a life-changing moment’: Beauty medics in Nepal help a baby with cerebral palsy

By LESTER BOULEVARDAWASHINGTON, DC—The arrival of the baby with the cerebral palsys last week at a hospital in the Himalayan nation of Nepal has prompted a rush to create a medical team that could help care for the baby.

Doctors at the hospital told reporters Thursday that the baby had been diagnosed with cerebral dengue fever and that it was unclear if the child would survive.

The baby’s parents, who have not been identified, had been flown to the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu to begin a six-week quarantine, but the infant was not expected to survive the trip.

The hospital staff is helping to care for a baby who has cerebral palsies and is on a ventilator, according to the Associated Press.

A baby with a cerebral palsie was also flown to Kathmandukh in Nepal.

Doctors told The Associated Press that it will be difficult to help the baby, as the infant’s brain is still developing.

Doctors said the infant has cerebral cortex, a nerve tissue that carries information from one brain region to another.

It is unclear whether the baby will be able to speak, but they said he could hear and understand signs of cerebral palsiness.

The medical team has been trying to find a way to keep the child alive, with hopes of using the baby’s oxygen-supply to keep him alive.

It is unknown if the baby can eat or drink.

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