Why is it important to keep the eyes on the prize when it comes to beauty?

Posted April 19, 2018 05:07:40 A few years ago, I went on a beauty course and noticed that I was the only person who was looking at my face while I was talking. 

I felt embarrassed, but was unsure what else to do, since it was so obvious that it was a part of me. 

After a few weeks, I realized that I had been the only one who was taking a selfie and was actually seeing my face in the mirror. 

When you see the selfie, you know it’s a good thing and it gives you an opportunity to see yourself in a new light. 

The other people in the class were all looking at their own faces. 

So, I decided to start making the same mistake I did. 

Instead of seeing my reflection in the lens, I would take a picture of my face. 

In the photo, my face would be obscured by a mirror.

This would be a good example of a naturalistic portrait. 

You can find the photo I used in my tutorial on the Beauty Beauty Blog. 

For this tutorial, I used the Instagram photo of my mother, who was not the best person to have in the room with me during the course. 

As she is older than me, she would be the only female in the classroom. 

However, she was also the most beautiful and perfect-looking person I had ever met. 

Her beautiful face was also very well-lit, so that I could see the details. 

It was like I was looking into the camera with my own eyes. 

A few months after the selfie was taken, she passed away. 

With the help of her photo, I began researching the naturalistic beauty practice of beauty. 

Today, I am a registered beauty therapist and am a full-time blogger for The Beauty Beauty Blog (BBA). 

I am also a participant in The Beauty Beauty Beauty Awards and I work with people from all walks of life to inspire and connect them to their own beauty ideals. 

Although my practice is primarily focused on helping clients discover their own natural beauty ideals, I love sharing the wisdom that I have learned from my own experience. 

 In addition to blogging about beauty, I also offer private coaching, classes, and workshops on topics such as nutrition, health, exercise, self-confidence, self love, beauty, and wellness. 

Check out my website at beautybeautybabe.blogspot.com or follow me on Instagram @beautybeabe for the latest blog posts and news. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to improve your beauty game, I recommend checking out my Beautie Beauty Book: The 4 Step Method. 

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