Beauty salon opens in New Zealand

New Zealand’s beauty salons have opened a clinic and cafe in a bid to give young women and girls a chance to see a doctor, while at the same time providing a safe and secure way to find and purchase cosmetic products. 

The Beauty and Hair Salon, at New Zealand International Hospital, is the first of its kind in the country, with a focus on helping women and their young daughters with health issues.

“We’re here to give the young girls, who are experiencing some of the same challenges as us, a safe, professional, high-quality way to get their beauty products, and to make sure that they’re getting the right ones,” said Dr Emma Hinton, chief executive of the New Zealand Health Authority.

The new salon and cafe opened its doors last week and will open on Tuesday, September 6.

It is a first for New Zealand and the country has no similar medical beauty clinics in operation.

They are not licensed as beauty salontas.

One of the main things the salon does is to offer patients the opportunity to have a private appointment and talk to a doctor.

This will provide them with a place to come and talk about their concerns, as well as being able to obtain advice from a health professional who has experience in treating beauty issues.

“We don’t have a specific clinic in New York where they can do that, so we’re able to do that here,” said Hinton.

At the end of the appointment, the young woman will be able to ask questions about their medical history, to get advice on their options and the best way to manage their skin condition.

And then the clinic will give the girls some help in choosing the best skin care products and treatments. 

It’s a new model for a lot of young people in New England, where there are many beauty salon outlets and the majority of young women are not looking to seek professional help.

There are about 15,000 young people aged 16-24 living in New Bedford, and a recent report from the National Association of Medical Colleges said the number of young New Englanders seeking treatment for skin conditions is up from 9 per cent in 2008 to 10 per cent last year.

According to a report by the New York-based Health Economics Institute, there are about 7,000 cosmetic skin-care clinics in New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and Rhode Island.

In New Zealand, where the government is aiming to reduce the number by 60 per cent by 2020, there is a focus in the medical community to promote the benefits of the beauty industry, including the ability to find safe, high quality cosmetic products and procedures.

More from BBC News: Beautiful New Zealand: The story behind New Zealand beauty salon’s first opening in 10 years article The salon is owned by the Beautry Salon Development Fund and operated by New Zealand Medical Beauty Association.

It is one of the largest cosmetic beauty associations in New South Wales, and the only one in the state.

Its board of directors includes two doctors, Dr Alan Hinton and Dr Fiona Brown. 

“This is a fantastic opportunity for young people who might be in a similar situation to what we’ve seen in New Jersey or in some other parts of New Zealand to be able come to the salon and have their own appointment,” said Brown.

Health Minister Simon Bridges has said that a similar program is being looked at in the New England region.

He said the salon is part of a wider plan to improve health care for the young people and families in New Eden.

“The beauty industry has been able to provide a lot to the community, so it’s important that we continue to look at how we can continue to expand our beauty industry,” he said.

But there are challenges that need to be addressed in the area of beauty salts.

A woman’s body needs to be cleaned after a spa treatment. 

In New England a woman’s skin can be very sensitive, and some salons are not able to offer proper care for people who are more sensitive.

Even the women who come to a salon to get cosmetic care can be vulnerable, because the quality of the care depends on the individual.

“If you come in for a facial, you’re going to get that in New Brunswick or a salon in Massachusetts, but the quality is very different,” said Mr Hinton of the salon.

Mr Hinton said the spa has been very popular with the young women in the community and they are coming in to get the treatment they need.

“A lot of these young women come in here to get an exam, they want a skin test, they don’t want a face test.

They’re coming in because they want to get tested,” he added.

So far, only one of three women have died in the salon in New Haven, Connecticut.

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