Why did a Canadian doctor decide to be beautiful?

A beautiful Canadian doctor decided to go medical.

Dr. John DeSantis has a beautiful face and a healthy weight.

He also loves dogs, and recently donated one to his pet dog, Jack.

(DeSantis is the president of the Royal College of Physicians in Toronto.)

The Royal College’s board of governors says he has been a “wonderful member of the profession and of society.”

The college has also recognized him as a “distinguished member” of its society, and he has received the Canadian Medical Association’s highest honour.

The Canadian Medical Society says he is a “profoundly valued colleague, colleague and friend.”

But now, with Jack’s new health, he may have to find another job.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has put DeSants job at risk.

They say he is not licensed to work in the province.

He could be fired.

He may have been given a suspended sentence, which could lead to jail time.

DeSantos criminal record is complicated.

He was arrested in 2013 on charges of assault, mischief and harassment.

He pleaded guilty to two charges and was sentenced to six months in jail.

In 2014, he was convicted of assault and sentenced to four months.

He served six months and was given an 11-month suspended sentence.

In 2019, he pleaded guilty again to assault and was jailed for three months.

In 2021, he served six weeks and was granted a suspended one-year sentence.

De Santis has been convicted of all four of those charges.

But in December 2018, he received a sentence of two years and six months.

That means he has served seven months of his jail term and is on his way to being released from jail.

He is appealing his conviction.

The criminal charges against him were withdrawn in February 2019.

The Ontario College of Radiology and Internal Medicine has called on the province to revoke DeSantes licence.

The college says it has also received complaints about his “professional and professional standards” and that his treatment of his patients was “unprofessional.”

DeSante was also a member of a national governing body, the Royal Canadian College of Emergency Physicians.

Its governing body says the organization’s rules do not permit the “abuse, neglect or abuse of any medical service.”

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