‘I’m so thankful to be alive’: Former tennis player and actress Shwartz describes how her life and career have been affected by cancer

I’m so grateful to be living my dream, she wrote.

I’m blessed with such a talented and amazing family, my beautiful son and beautiful daughter.

I can’t imagine life without them.

I’ve always wanted to be a professional tennis player.

I’ve been fortunate enough to get my foot in the door and I want to play tennis at the highest level I can.

I’m just so grateful that my life and that of my family are in that best possible position to help so many other people who are in similar situations.

I have been blessed with a family who cares for me like no other.

I was in a wheelchair for a couple of years before I finally got to play the game I love.

I am still waiting to be able to walk again.

I just can’t believe how much more I’ve changed in that time.

I hope my message is something that makes people think about what they have to do to make a difference.

I think that if I do what I say, I will help so much more people.

I am so thankful for all the people who have helped me with this.

I feel like I’ve come full circle.

I never thought I would be able see my son again, so I’m still super grateful to the whole family and to all of you who have been so kind and caring.

I really appreciate you all.

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