How to save yourself from Riester Medical Beauty website

KME Beauty Medicals, a beauty tech company, announced it has acquired Riesters Beauty Medical logo, the beauty medical logo trademark, and the beauty technology medical brand.

KME was founded in 2014 and has a market capitalization of over $3 billion.

Riestering Beauty Medical, the Riesting Beauty Medical Beauty brand, is a beauty medical products and beauty technology brand launched in 2010 by Riesing-Wiederhorn and founded by KME founders.

“We are very excited to be the first to bring the RIESTER brand to our customers,” said KME CEO and Founder Rieszing Wiederholz.

“The brand brings a unique brand experience to our brand with unique product design, high-end, premium materials and the best medical professionals, including the highest quality ingredients and care,” he added.

“In addition, we are also excited to bring Riestner’s extensive experience in medical, cosmetics, and cosmetic surgery to our company.

The Riestzers Beauty Medical brands is a global leader in skin care, personal care and cosmetic, providing a high-quality experience to a global audience of consumers, from every country, with a strong focus on high quality and innovation,” said Rieszer Wiedermanns chief marketing officer, Marlene Kees.

“This acquisition is another important milestone in the brand’s expansion,” said Wiedermans president of operations, Chris Moseley.

“With a combined global brand reach of over 150 million consumers, the company’s brand identity is strong and we are excited to see our new RIESTERS Beauty Medical brand grow in the coming years,” he said.

“It’s a natural fit for us to further expand our medical and beauty business into other markets,” he continued.

RIESTS Beauty Medical products are available in over 20 countries and the company plans to open a dedicated Riestery Beauty Medical facility in the United Kingdom in the second half of 2018.

For more information, visit: or follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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