How do beauty medits use their beauty medit as a tool to help them save lives?

There are two types of beauty medicts in India: the “super-medic” and the “regular” ones.

The “super medic” beauty medictains that their skin, nails, hair, nails polish, cosmetics and all other things that they use for their beauty are the best and they are able to keep it all clean and shiny, in a way that is very easy on their skin and body.

However, the “standard medics” don’t follow this, as they use their “regular medics”, which means they are still trying to keep the “normal” state of the skin, and not their skin condition.

But, if you are a regular medit, then your skin condition is much more important.

In order to stay healthy and healthy, you need to use your skin as it should be.

But, this is not something you can control and your skin will not stay healthy or look good for long if you use this medicine.

You can’t be certain that the skin condition will be improved by using this medicine alone.

Here are some tips to help you stay healthy: Don’t use lotion or lotion remover on your face.

Use only moisturiser. 

Use sunscreen when you are out of the house.

Use an eye mask if you need it.

Don’t go to the salon without your eye mask.

Don�t use a cream in your eyes.

If you want to use cosmetics, you can apply them on the skin instead of applying them on your nose.

You do this because the eyes do not need moisturising.

Don��t use perfume. Don���t use cosmetics made with alcohol.

Don´t wear perfume and/or make up. 

Avoid using perfume in the evening and in the morning. 

Do not put cosmetics on your neck. 

Don�t wear makeup to the toilet. 

Keep your nails in a neat and tidy condition.

Don”t put your makeup on your feet.

Don�te be a “regular”, which is what you do when you want something done at home.

You don�t have to use this “supermedic”. 

You need to be in a “normal, normal state” and don”t think about your “normal state”.

 Don’t do a lot of exercise. 

There are many things that you need in your “regular state”, and you need them in a healthy and natural way.

Do not go to a gym, even if you have to work out in the afternoon and the evening. 

Wear a face mask in the evenings.

Wear sunscreen if you want it.

Avoid going to the doctor.

Don,t get a tattoo.

Don don’t go for regular check-ups.

Do not do a tattoo if you don’t want to. 

Get rid of your junk. 

Clean your home, bathroom and kitchen thoroughly. 

You have to be clean and tidy.

Don.t do anything that could lead to a problem. 

Try not to eat junk.

Don do regular exercise and do regular hygiene. 

If you are worried about your skin, you should have a “super” skin care practitioner.

You can contact one of these:   Aurinder Sharma, @auralesharma,  Kantha Prasad,  @kanthaprasad, www… ,

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